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By: Hafiz Zainal

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Tuesday, 6-Jan-2009 23:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Field Test: Sumner Beach

I went to Sumner Beach with my friends. Took a lot of shots overthere. But only a few that for me, can be published. Others, are just a random training shots.
btw, i create a new trademark. Less ugly than the previous one i suppose. What's your opinion about it? Feel free to share

Feel free to comment about my photos ait. Any overexposed, wrong composition, too much iso and so on or just drop a simple message.



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30/12/08 sumner beach

Tuesday, 6-Jan-2009 14:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A year had past 4

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We all quite lucky this year because it was snowing during winter. Eventhough it was for just a day, at least we don't have to travel to Mt hutt for the snow. Yes the snow was fun, but the coldness, made me shivering till the bones. And also the invisible ice the next day required you to be very careful when walking so that u wont slip and fell of because of the slippery ice.Our cars also covered with frozen snow the next day making it hard to open the door . Couple days later, there was a match between All blacks and England at our very own Ami Stadium in Christchurch. I went there with JC, wan and her friend from Otaga University. Cant remember how much the score was, but All black won the match. That was my first live match for All Blacks and of course i'm going to go again next time with my "big gun".

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07/06/08 Snow in Christchurch
21/06/08 All Blacks match

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A year had past 3

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The next day after we got back from Akaroa, we all went to Orana Wildlife Park. The visit was quite short because we had to return the rented car back by time. So, we just got ourselves on the zoo train, went around the zoo once, and visited couple of feeding stations. Zoo here is quite different compare to zoo in Malaysia since the way they keep the animal makes you feel closer to the animal. There is no big steel cage, and also sleeping hidden animal. The natural environment and landscape with small creek across the zoo really gonna make u feel closer to mother nature. Not forgetting the lion encounter where visitors can ride in a cage at the back of a modified lorry and then enter the lion cage.
Anyway, since the visit was short, I'm planning to go there again, but this time, well-armed with my 70-300. . Featured also, my visit to Cat show happening in Horticulture. In New Zealand, it is quite hard to find a stray cat or dog since they have strict law about pet and actually, it is not a about the law. It is about the people. Their discipline compare to us is like diamond and bucket of garbage. It is bitter truth.

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16/04/08 Orana wildlife park
19/04/08 Cat show

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A year had past part 2

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Akaroa is a village on Banks Peninsula in the Canterbury region of the South Island of New Zealand. It is 82 kilometres by road from Christchurch, and is the terminus of State Highway 75.
from wikipedia.org

On 14/04/08, group of juniors, guided by Hanafee went to Akaroa for their own 1st road trip. The journey was amazing. The end-of-summer sunny day made the cloud look beautiful. If only i got my camera right now at that moment. For 2 days 1 night, it was kind of short to explore all the nature's beauty over there. Considering we didnt do the jungle tracking and travel across the harbour.
Overall, we all had a good time there.

Tuesday, 6-Jan-2009 11:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A year had past part 1

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A year had gone together with freezing winter chills and replaced with hot and sunny sunshine that lights our day. After my last update on blogspot, the blog is halted due to my own preference with the blogspot's content management. Blogspot is not very user-friendly when managing photo.
So, here we go, under this title, i'm gonna do catching up of what happened in my life through my camera, throughout 2008.

For this title and the following title suing the format of "A year had past 1,2 and so on", i will be using fotopages own hosting since i don't want to waste my flickr bandwidth so, to view all the pictures, just click "view all photos" under the pictures

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23/03/08 brother's camp
19/04/08 Ice skating and cashmere

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